Beginners Guide To DSLR Photography - 8 Week Course DEPOSIT (WEDNESDAY EVENINGS - 6pm-8pm - JANUARY 9th 2019)

Beginners Guide To DSLR Photography - 8 Week Course DEPOSIT (WEDNESDAY EVENINGS - 6pm-8pm - JANUARY 9th 2019)

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6pm - 8pm Every Wednesday from January 9th 2019 - 8 WEEKS

The Beginners Guide To DSLR Photography will give you the confidence to take creative control of your DSLR camera.

We'll take you through all of the functions of your DSLR so that you understand how to make the best possible pictures in any situation.

Over 8 weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of manual photography and semi automatic modes. We'll look at Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO in depth and detail as well as looking as looking at metering, composition and focusing. You will finally understand what all of those confusing buttons actually do! 

We'll spend the entire 8 weeks working with your camera, giving you the perfect platform to build your confidence and skills.

This is a beefed up version of our one day Crash Course in DSLR Photography, giving students more time to take in the techniques and offering a broader range of topics covered. 

This is the perfect course to fully understand your DSLR camera in great detail! 

What will you learn?......

Camera Functions and Controls - An overview of the DSLR camera functions, modes and menus

Manual Shooting - Taking full control of the camera

Aperture  - Depth of field, creating blurred backgrounds

Shutter Speed - Capturing movement and speed

ISO - Choosing the best sensitivity settings for your shoot

Focusing - Manual focusing, spot focusing, creating pin sharp images

Tripods - Getting the best results with slow shutter speeds

Metering - Reading the scene for optimal results

This 8 week course is designed to take you step by step on a journey to mastering your DSLR camera and is best suited to those that would like to learn at a relaxed pace. No computer skills are necessary for this workshop, the entire duration will be spent working with your cameras, giving you a great platform from which to build up your knowledge and skill set.

Upon completion of your Level One course, you have the option to progress to Level 2 intermediate photography courses.

The Beginners Guide To DSLR Photography has been created for complete beginners and those that would like to reinforce their camera craft. 

This booking is for a £25 deposit for the course commencing JANUARY 9th 2019 (Wednesday Evenings, 6-8pm)


TOTAL COST – £125.00 (£100 balance to be paid on your first session)